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Consultee-Centered Consultation

This type of consultation focuses on the personal/professional issues of an individual clinician, or the administrative or personnel issues within an agency, with a goal of understanding whether they are preventing good ethical practice or hindering ethical planning and decision making. 

We can help you or your group reflect on your own issues, policies, and practices, and ethical dilemmas by asking you to consider personal and professional questions such as:

As an individual practitioner:
Am I somehow causing this particular ethical issue to arise so often in my practice?
If so, how am I “inviting this trouble” – – and why?
If not, since it predictably recurs, why am I so unprepared to respond when it arises?
Either way, how can I prepare to respond most ethically in the future?
Why am I reluctant to require my billing agent and janitor to sign confidentiality contracts?
Am I ethically and/or legally at risk if they breach the confidentiality of one of my patients?
Exactly what do I want each contract to require?
Why do I keep having problems with patients who push against the boundaries I set?

As an agency:
Are we somehow causing this particular ethical issue to arise repeatedly in this agency?
Are administrative issues or inappropriate policies obstructing good ethical practices?
Are all clinical personnel clearly trained about our ethical expectations?
If not, what training is needed?
Do our non-clinical staff breach confidentiality or create other ethical problems in our setting?
If so, what training is needed?

Ordinarily, this type of consultation is best conducted in person.  Such consultation meetings usually take place at our office in Charlottesville  at 934  East Jefferson Street.  The consultation fee would be $50/hour or fraction thereof.  If there is a preference for meeting in your own office, there is an additional charge for travel time and mileage.


Laura Skauge, Managing Director

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