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Record Keeping – Resources from National Professional Associations

COUNSELORS – American Counseling Association

 Permission to Refrain From Making a Diagnosis  [1](Counseling Today Online, July 1, 2006)

 Private Practice in Counseling:  Maintaining Client Files  [2](May 2005 Practice Update)

PSYCHOLOGISTS – American Psychological Association

A Matter of Law:  Patient Record Keeping   [3]

Record Keeping Guidelines (2007)    [4]

Record Keeping Under the New Ethics Code (2005) [5] 

Are You Prepared for the Unexpected? [6] 

SOCIAL WORKERS – National Association of Social Workers

Client Records:  Keep or Toss? [7] 

Social Work and Clinical Notes (2001) [8]

 Social Workers and Psychotherapy Notes  (2006) [9] 

(To access the remaining documents, you must be a member of the NASW Private Practice Specialty Practice Section)

Documenting Patient Care in the Private Practice Setting (2002) [10]

Psychotherapy Notes and Reimbursement Claims (2005) [10]

Social Workers and Post-Disaster Record Keeping Questions (2006) [11]

Social Workers and Record Retention Requirements (2005) [11]

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